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Monthly Intro Classes

Through our intro classes we provide short term training related to the core messages of the House of Prayer. See what courses we're currently offering:


Keeping A Focused Heart In The Prayer Room 
Saturday's at 10:00 am MT - Taught by Chelsea Acosta starting February 4th. 

A priority of Incense House of Prayer is to fight to make sure our prayer times (both in the secret place and in the corporate setting) effective. Effective prayer is measured by our connectedness to Jesus. This 4 week course lays a biblical foundation on how to approach times of prayer and gives practical tools to help remove distractions and keep your heart focused in the prayer room! 

A Biblical Approach.png

A Biblical Approach To The End Of The Age
Sunday's at 5:00 pm  MT
- Taught by Zac Acosta starting February 5th. 

One of the core messages of the house of prayer is the "urgency of the hour in which we live". There's over 150 chapters in the Bible that talk about the end-times or "the end of the age", so it can be intimidating on where to start. This 4 week course helps launch you into the study of the end of the age by laying out some Biblical foundations for the end times.  

The Anna Lifestyle.png

The Anna Lifestyle 

Friday's at 12:00 pm  MT - Taught by Zac Acosta starting February 3rd. 

Luke 2 tells of a woman named Anna who, after becoming a widow, devoted her life to serving night and day in the temple contending for the fulfilment of the promises of God. We believe God is raising up ones similar to Anna, who despite their life circumstance, will devote their lives to serving in the House of prayer! This 4 week course breaks down 4 key components to the Anna lifestyle

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