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Restless Ones (Prayer Leader)

Prayer Leaders serve in a leadership role and aim to facilitate unity among the whole room during each prayer meeting. Our prayer leading team uses a list of New Testament Apostolic Prayers to guide our prayer times to ensure each prayer meeting is enjoyable and easy to engage in. 

As you commit to be a leader you are setting your heart toward a noble ambition. Scripture is clear that spiritual leaders must commit to living above reproach as defined below.

  • Being fair minded, pure hearted, self-controlled, and marked by gentleness.

  • Being Hospitable - Being kind, welcoming, and loving toward all people.

  • Having a firm grasp on scripture and be able to hear God's voice and respond rightly to it.

  • Sexual purity and faithfulness in marriage - Abstaining from pornography and inappropriate sexual relationships outside of the unity of marriage.

  • Not being contentious, argumentative, greedy, violent, or short tempered.

  • Being true to their word, following through, and avoiding gossip and slander.



  • Prayer leaders will sign up for at least one weekly prayer meeting and lead/co-lead prayer at that prayer meeting each week. 

  • Prayer Leader will use Apostolic Prayers while leading prayer cycles.

  • Training - All new prayer leaders will be a part of a Harp & Bowl training process in order to facilitate effective and enjoyable prayer meetings.

Prayer Leader Sign Up

To sign up, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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